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UFO sightings 1956 to 1957

• Brazil, Cabo Frio: O. Guarichi was walking on the beach with his dogs when he saw an object come from the sea and land. Two men, tall, wearing metallic-looking uniforms, emerged. One of them picked up objects from the beach. There was an exchange of gestures with the witness. One of the dogs turned away when the witness approached the craft, which was 20 m wide 3 m high and showed flashing lights as it left.

• Canada: A UFO captures a Royal Canadian Air Force F-100 fighter over Lake Huron.

• England, Suffolk: The RAF/USAF in Bentwaters / Lakenheath in made radar contact with a UFO using three ground-based radars. A confirmation on aerial radar by a Venom night fighter and visual sightings from the ground and the air make this case one of the most celebrated contacts of modern times. Radar indicated that objects were moving up at 4,000 miles per hour -- higher speeds than any aircraft of the time could have achieved.

• France, Elboeuf : Near Exauroux, two brothers, 18 and 20, saw a red ball to their left coming down and hovering at tree height. It then left at fantastic speed. Three additional witnesses reported it independently. The object was a disk about 7. 5 m in diameter, with a red dome, and rotating fins under it. It emitted a yellow-orange glow.

• USA, California, Banning: An object hovered about 30 m above and 100 m away from the witness's car. Showing something like a dome on top, it crossed the road slowly, turned, and crossed the road again behind the car, then vanished suddenly.

• USA, California, Panorama City: Three witnesses independently claimed that they observed a huge, ball-shaped object from which emerged three beings. They were nearly 2 m tall, had long, blond hair, and wore tight, green suits.

• USA, California, San Bernardino: 15-year-old Michael Savage, son of a surgeon, took a picture of a mysterious flying object that he said hovered near his house for 30 seconds. ; those photos, too, made the paper. Just as the phenomenon was beginning to die out, Hollywood added its own inimitable touch to the UFO craze.

• USA, Florida, Jacksonville: Two girls, Joan Frost and Gertie Wynn, while waiting for a bus, saw two pulsating lights flying horizontally and disappearing. 15 min later the lights were seen again, stopping at the zenith, merging, and diving to 50 m altitude. As the bus arrived, it seemed that the objects had separated and were about to abduct the witnesses, and they ran to the vehicle in terror.

• USA, Massachusetts, Pittsfield: At about 2 p.m. during October 1956, in Pittsfield, MA, the witness and a nephew were outside and saw an object in the sky that looked kind of like a cigar. (The witness brother) had been working for Convair and was also in the Naval Air Corps, and so (she) called him out and asked him if he had ever seen anything like it. He replied that he had not. The object was seen for quite a while. There was no detectable sound. It was quite a ways up and just sat there for awhile and then, all of a sudden, it was gone...(the) one object...moved away rapidly.

• USA, New York: Capt. Ryan and his first officer William Neff were flying from Albany to Syracuse. At a height of 6,000 feet, the two observed a brilliant white light like an approaching aircraft with landing lights on. Ryan estimated that the object was moving at approximately 1,000 miles per hour , faster than any object of the day. The UFO glowed orange in front of them. Ryan and Neff reported the encounter to Griffiss Air Force Base. The Base confirmed that they also could see an orange object nearby. This sighting lasted over twenty minutes and was also witnessed by the flight attendant, Phyllis Reynolds.

• USA, North Carolina, Henderson: On Route 1, just before dawn, two government employees saw for a few seconds a large, top-shaped object passing over their car. It was as large as the road and made no sound. .

• USA, Texas, McKinney: Two men saw a silvery, balloon-shaped craft about 2 m in diameter land in a field 100 m away from them, about 8 km east of McKinney. They stopped their car to investigate, but the object took off at fantastic speed.

1956 Project Blue Book Unknowns

• Canada Feb. 12, 1956; Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada. 11:25 p.m. Witnesses: F-89 pilot Bowen, radar observer Crawford. One green and red object rapidly circled the aircraft while being tracked on radar during 1 minute sighting. No further details.

• Guam Dec. 31, 1956; Guam. 2:10 a.m. Witness: USAF lst Lt. Ted Brunson, flying an F-86D jet interceptor. One round, white object flew under the F-86D, which was unable to turn as sharply as the object.

• USA, Arizona Aug. 8, 1956; 20 miles south of Quartsite, Arizona. ll p.m. Witnesses: attorneys W.B. Buttermore and J.W. Smith. One blue-white pulsating light flew fast, straight and level, for 5-7 minutes.

• USA, California June 6, 1956; Banning, California. 5:30 a.m. Witness: Mr. Bierman. One thin disc with a small dome, shimmering silver, hovered about 100 yards away for 8-10 seconds, then zoomed up.

• USA, Illinois Nov. 1, 1956; 60 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri, in Illinois. 5:30 p.m. Witness: USAF Capt. W..M. Lyons, Intelligence Division Chief (Aerial Weather Reconnaissance Officer), flying a T-33 jet trainer. One orange light with a blue tinge, flew across the sky for 2 minutes.

• USA, North Carolina Sept. 14, 1956; Highland, North Carolina. 1 a.m. Witness: Scaly, N. Car. policeman O.S. Gryman. Fourteen yellow-to-red round objects with tremendous exhaust, flew in a Vague formation from southwest to east to northeast and back again, while swoooping up and down. Sighting lasted 1.5 hours.

• USA, Pennsylvania Aug. 27, 1956; Juniata, Pennsylvania. 9:55 p.m. Witness: Mrs. R.S. Pope. One bright disc with a clear dome flew vertically, then north. A very cold breeze seemed to have been originated by the object during the 3 minute sighting.

• USA, South Carolina Nov. 30, 1956; Charleston AFB, South Carolina. 12:48 p.m. Witness: USAF aerial navigator Maj. D.D. Grimes. One unspecified object flew at an estimated 100’ altitude over water for 10 minutes. No further details.

• USA, Texas Sept. 4, 1956; Dallas, Texas. 9 p.m. Witnesses: U.S. Marine Corps T/Sgt. R.D. Rogers and family. One large star, changing to red color, remained stationary for 20 minutes, then went west at 200 kts. (230 m.p.h.). Sighting lasted 23 minutes.

• USA, Texas Feb, 19, 1956; Houston, Texas. 6:07 a.m. Witnesses: crew of Eastern Airlines Super Constellation. One intense white light, moving 4-5 times the speed of the airplane, was evaded by the pilot.

• USA, Texas April 4, 1956; McKinney, Texas. 3:15 p.m. Witnesses: Capt. Roy Hall, U.S. Army, ret.; Charles Anderson and others; some observed through a 6” telescope, others through a 55-200x telescope. One fat, oblong object with two lines around its middle, remained stationary for 6 hours.


• Henry Carlock, a physicist observing sky with telescope; twice glimpsed UFO with halo around it and what appeared to be three portholes on June 18.

• Argentina, Pajas Blancas Airport: When his motorcycle suddenly failed, the driver observed a disk, 20 m in diameter and 5 m thick, hovering about 15 m above ground. He hid in a ditch and saw the craft come down, making a sound similar to air escaping from a valve. A sort of lift descended from its base almost to the ground. In it was a man of average height, who made friendly gestures to the witness. He was dressed in a plastic diving suit. The witness entered the machine and saw inside several people seated before instrument panels, lighted by an extraordinary light. He was then escorted out, and the disk rose to the northwest. During the next hour, six sightings were made along the same course by independent witnesses.

• Argentina, Quilino: An Air Force man inside a tent heard a loud, shrill sound and saw a disk that came down as grass and plants fluttered wildly under it. He found himself unable to draw his gun, which "seemed to be glued in its holster. " A voice came from the craft, telling him in Spanish that UFO's had a base in the Salta area and would soon show themselves to warn all people about the dangers of a nuclear catastrophe.

• Australia, Smithfield: Les McDonald, 17, and Gladys Smith, 14, saw a red light changing to green, spreading around them like a mist and covering an area about 100 m diameter. They became nearly paralyzed and "felt a warm glow. " They had no fear, but were "merely cognizant of things as they were without being able to react. " This sensation lasted two min.

• Brazil: Antonio Villas Boas was a Brazilian farmer. On October 16, 1957, at age 23, Villas Boas had an experience that may have been one of the first modern day abduction claims. Villas Boas claimed that at about 1:00 a.m., he was out operating a tractor on the family farm when he spotted a bright light in the sky, which he had also noticed on a previous night. This time the object descended and as it neared the ground, three telescopic legs outstretched and it landed. His tractor died and he became scared and decided to run on foot. Three beings who then took him into their craft.

• Brazil, Bage City: A blinding object, red and yellow, twice landed first near the Jockey Club, then near the Rural Exhibition.

• Brazil, Campinas: A man suddenly fell, as if paralyzed, and his two companions then observed an object -shaped like a disk with a dome on top and another dome under it, 50 m away. A door opened and three men, 1. 70 m tall, wearing close-fitting, iridescent clothing, and who walked as if on skis, appeared to make a check of the craft and the surroundings. They gathered samples in a large box. The witnesses saw small portholes and a tripod landing gear. The craft took off after 20 min.

• Brazil, Francisco de Sales: Antonio Villas-Boas who could not sleep because of the heat, opened the shutters of his house and saw a silvery glow in the yard, but no flying object. The light moved and was seen going over the house.

• Brazil, Francisco de Sales: Second observation by A. Villas-Boas. He was plowing a field with his brother when they saw a red light at the edge of the field. He went toward it, but it shifted its position every time he went close. It vanished on the spot.

• Brazil, Francisco de Sales: Third observation by A. Villas-Boas. Alone in the fields on a clear night, he saw a big, red star which took the appearance of a luminous, egg-shaped object and stopped 50 m above his tractor. Its light was brighter than that of the headlights as it landed 15 m away. The top part was spinning. It became green as it slowed down, was then seen as a flattened dome. Three legs emerged from the machine as it settled down. The tractor engine stalled, and the witness was seized by unknown individuals and carried aboard the craft, where he was medically examined, then left with a woman of short stature with whom he had sexual intercourse. Villas-Boas reported that crew members wore tight, white clothes with a light on the belt, heelless white shoes, big gloves, and opaque helmets with a slit at the level of the eyes. Their language was shrill, and he could establish no verbal communication with them.

• Brazil, Maracaja: Farmers Joao Ernani and Pedro Zilli heard a strange humming sound, then saw two aluminium-colored disks 200 m away. Near them were six men of average height, slim build, dressed in "dark gray suits glued to their bodies. " The disks were about 3. 5 m wide, hovering 1 m above ground. They rose with a sharp whistling sound, while coconut trees below them bent double. Three more disks rose from behind the trees, and all five flew toward the Atlantic.

• Brazil, Niquelandia: At the Gabiroba farm, owners A. Santinoni and S. de Oliveira were blinded by beam from a round object at ground level. The light was green and yellow. When they came near, all went dark and the object vanished.

• Brazil, Petropolis: A girl suffering from cancer appeared about to die when the house was suddenly illuminated by a strong light, as if a searchlight had been aimed at the room. It came from an object whose top part was reddish yellow. Two figures emerged from it and entered the house. They were about 1. 20 m tall, had long yellow-red hair, small green, slanted eyes, and wore white gloves and glowing white clothes. Before the astounded witnesses (the author of the report and the family of the girl), they used a device producing a bluish-white light and another instrument, in what appeared to be radiation treatment of the patient. After 30 min they went away, leaving her completely cured. The report was anonymous.

• Brazil, Ponta Poran: Mrs. Mendonca and five other persons saw a light in the south, which later appeared as two spherical objects coming closer to the witnesses on an oscillating course. One of them hovered close to the car while the other circled. They were -shaped like a sphere surrounded by a flat ring, and chased the car for two hours over the deserted road. Estimated diameter: 5 m.

• Brazil, Quebracoco: Naval officer Miguel Espanhol and another man, travelling to Ceres, saw a bright object that illuminated the countryside and came down to ground level as the truck stalled. It was oval or saucer-shaped, over 150 m in diameter and 40 m deep, with a dome supporting a long "aerial" with a red light on top. The bright light went off and the witnesses saw seven childlike beings, with long hair and luminous suits, who looked down at them for about 3 min. The craft flew south and released a smaller disk, which flew north.

• Brazil, Sao Sebastiao: Mr. Joao Guimaraes, who is a professor at the Catholic Faculty of Law in Santos, was sitting near the shore when he saw a hat-shaped, luminous craft approach from the sea and land near him. From it came a metallic stairway. Two normal men with long, fair hair hanging to their shoulders, a youthful appearance and wearing one-piece suits, came down, gave no verbal answers to his questions, but invited him "telepathically" to come aboard the craft. Inside the illuminated compartment, he sat on a circular seat with the crew. The machine rose for a short flight. On his return, Guimaraes found that his watch no longer worked.

• Brazil, Ubatuba: Approximate date. Anonymous witnesses saw a disk dive down and explode, showering the area with flaming fragments. Some samples were gathered, sent to a Brazilian newsman, analyzed by friends of Dr. Fontes, of Rio, and were found to consist of surprisingly pure magnesium.

• Canada, Baskatong Lake: 180 km north of Ottawa Jacques Jacobson and three of his friends saw a bright, yellowish-white sphere hovering over a hilltop about 4 km away. From top and bottom issued light cones that illuminated the countryside and the clouds. Radio reception was blocked throughout the observation, except for a very powerful signal at one wavelength, modulated, but not in Morse code. The object rose slowly toward the south.

• Canada, Galt, Ontario: Jack Stephenson was walking about 7 km from Galt when he saw a flash in the sky. A circular object making a whirring sound came down and landed with a throw of flames. It took off again 30 min later, leaving the ground blackened and branches broken. The craft had a stationary dome, but the periphery was spinning.

• Denmark, Gesten: A shop owner saw a pyramid-shaped, luminous, transparent object fly fast across the road. As it was above 250 m away, he clearly saw two figures who looked like human beings, sitting one behind the other aboard the craft.

• England, Aston: Mrs. Cynthia Appleton, 27, mother of two, saw the figure of a man appear near her fireplace while a whistling sound was audible. He was tall and fair, wore a tight fitting plastic garment, and seemed to communicate with her through telepathy, indicating he was looking for titanium and was coming from a world of peace and harmony. Suddenly he disappeared. Mrs. Appleton had subsequent contacts with similar entities.

• Fiji Islands, Nabouwalu: Two couples going from Nabouwalu to Nawaca in a motor boat saw a white object come down from the sky, thought it was a plane in trouble and went closer. They found the object hovering 7 m above the water, and a figure on board the craft aimed at them a beam so bright they "felt weak. " The figure disappeared suddenly, and the object took off vertically at high speed.

• Japan, Pacific Ocean: Japanese fishermen aboard the "Kitsukawara Maru" saw two metal disks come into the sky. This was followed by violent turbulence.

• Korea, Seoul: North of Seoul a barrel-shaped object, bluish-white and luminous, was seen close to the ground, reflected in a pool of water. It rose and vanished "like a light switched off. "

• New Zealand, Balfour: William West and Wallace Liddell saw an object similar to a shooting star coming close to them appearing then as an oval, fluorescent craft, about 40 m in diameter, which almost touched the grass. They rushed to catch it, but it jumped away, turning into a bluish-white sphere with a dark red center. Each time they tried to reach it, the craft jumped farther away. It cleared a high fence and slowly vanished. The Invercargill Weather Bureau had no explanation.

• Scotland, Edinburgh: Fourteen people, including Mrs. Maty Home, reported to police that a disk-shaped object followed their truck, dived toward it, came within 20 m of them, then left toward the sea, leaving a double vapor trail.

• USA, California, El Cajon: Edmund Rucker was awakened by a roaring noise and saw a strange object land near his house. "Its windows were lighted, and I saw strange looking heads there. " An opening became visible and four creatures emerged. They had large heads, dome-like foreheads, and bulging eyeballs. They delivered a message to the witness in English, stating that they had philanthropic and scientific purposes.

• USA, California, Playa del Rey: Richard Kehoe, an employee of the General Telephone Company of Santa Monica claimed that while driving along Vista del Mar, a beach area, at 5:40 a.m. his engine stopped as did the engines of the two other cars. When the drivers got out to see what was wrong they saw an egg-shaped spaceship wrapped 'in a blue haze' on the beach. Kehoe claimed two "little men" came out, and asked questions of him and the two other drivers.

• USA, Connecticut, Georgetown: Approximate date. Ina Salter was driving on Route 53 in a desolate area when she encountered a cigar-shaped object about 5 m long, showing several portholes, which was hovering close to the ground to the left of the road. The portholes, about 50 cm in diameter, were illuminated with a yellowish light, and there were shadows moving behind. As she passed the object, it took off straight up, hovered for a few seconds, then rose out of sight

• USA, Connecticut, Old Saybrook: Mary Starr was awakened by a brilliant light and saw through her east window the fuselage of a craft that hovered in midair. Aboard were two men, each with his right hand raised, wearing yellowish jackets. A third man joined the first two, then all lights went off inside the craft while it glowed like brass. A spinning antenna-like device was noted. A few minutes later it flew off. More details from CSI newsletter, July 15, 1959: "...Mrs. Mary M. Starr, long a resident of Old Saybrook, and holder of two degrees from Yale University, has for some years spent all but two or three winter months in a... well-built two story house situated only a few hundred feet from Long Island Sound... at the beginning and end of the season, hers is the only occupied building in the vicinity... marshy ground surrounds her property on three sides. "On the night of 12/15-16/57, she was awakened from a sound sleep sometime between 2 and 3 AM by bright lights passing her bedroom window, which faces north. Looking out, she saw, just coming to a stop 10 feet from the house... a huge machine 20 or 30 feet long, dark grey or black, with brilliantly lighted square portholes... the object was now motionless, hovering five feet above the ground. It had no wings, fins, or other external structure. "Behind the lighted windows were two forms that passed each other, walking in opposite directions. Their arms were upraised (apparently the right arm of each) and no hands were seen. They wore a kind of jacket, and she thought they were stewards, carrying trays, except that their heads were unusual. They were square or rectangular, of a reddish orange, with a brighter red bulb in each. The feet were out of view behind the portholes. Then a third man entered from the left, and Mrs. Starr leaned forward to try to see his face more clearly than the others. "As she did so, the portholes faded, and the entire object began to glow with scintillating brilliance. Immediately, there rose from the nearer end a kind of antenna, about 6 inches long. It oscillated and sparkled... "For almost 5 mins, the glow and the sparking continued; then the antenna lowered and the [object] began to move... to the right, back in the direction from which it had come. It made a very sharp right-angle turn. Mrs. Starr thought it would hit her blue spruce but it did not... it had turned a dull bluish grey again, and instead of portholes, small circular lights outlined the entire rim. It's shape now appeared to be oval, and as it dipped or 'undulated' to follow the contour of a shallow depression just beyond the garden, she saw that it was very shallow in depth. Over the marsh, it tilted steeply and shot up into the sky at the speed of a jet take off, but in complete silence, as throughout the entire affair. "Except for the [figures, she] had seen nothing inside the [object]. [The men] could not have been more than four feet high at the most [given the size of the object as determined by occlusion of nearby objects]."

• USA, Florida, Cecil Naval Air Station: A black, bell-shaped object bearing two bright, white lights at the top and maeasuring 15 m in diameter was chased by a civilian in a car until the engine stalled. The object was then hovering 3 m away. The underside of the machine resembled a disk with fins. When a jet aircraft took off from the airfield, the object went out of sight almost instantaneously. The car battery was found completely dead. There was no helicopter in the area, although the two witnesses compared the noise made by the object to that of a helicopter.

• USA, Illinois, Elmwood Park: Two policemen, Joseph Lukasek and Clifford Schau, and a third man named Daniel De Giovanni, while looking for the cause of a headlight failure, observed a fluorescent object 50 to 100 m away from them, coming down. The car headlights functioned properly again and they drove toward the object but had to stop at a cemetery wall.They turned off all lights and watched the object for two min. It played "hide and seek" with them as they tried to reach its location. (M 240; 113). BUFORA VICAT claims "Three police officers in a patrol car chased an elongated reddish UFO. A spotlight was turned on the object as it hovered. The car's headlights and spotlight flickered. As the spotlight hit the object it shot up about 200 feet and headed off towards the west." The first account represents the correct assignment of witnesses according to Hynek (The Hynek UFO Report, p 172). According to that account, the engine was not affected. Duration may have been longer than 2 mins. The car spotlight and headlights both dimmed to about the intensity of a match, which caused the witnesses to exit the car and use a flashlight under the hood, which was unaffected. They then noticed an iridescent orange circle, possibly a sphere, down the alley ahead of them. The object seemed to retreat and the lights regained normal strength. Distance at that point is unknown, but must have been less than half a mile (the length remaining to the alley), since the witnesses were convinced it was over the alley. Whenever the car lights were turned off as they followed it, it would hover as if waiting. It was not the spotlight which provoked the departure, but turning on the high-beams after turning off the lights for an extended period. At that time, the object was descending and seemed to have taken on a cigar shape and had a halo of fog. On departure it resumed a circular shape and the fog was "sucked up". Speed of ascent was est. 50-60 mph. Object flew about at higher altitude and then flew off. When the object disappeared it was darkened from the bottom to the top. The object definitely passed in front of and obscured objects behind it. One witness believed the object was very close, while another disagreed. Hynek was not confident of the abilities of the witnesses, but indicated that the witnesses had nothing to gain from a hoax, and believed that the witnesses could not have had knowledge of the Levelland case at the time of their sighting, though it was in the newspaper which they saw after their shift was over. This case was reenacted by NBC for a UFO documentary sometime around 6/1/65.

• USA, Indiana, Covington: Mr. Moudy, a farmer, observed a silvery disk which hovered above his tractor; the engine failed when the object rose.

• USA, Indiana, New Castle: An object looking like "a big meat platter" was seen at close range by Mrs. Jasper Barlow and her two children, who were inside their car. It had a flickering light on the bottom. There was no ignition interference noted.

• USA, Iowa, Waterloo: Paul Rutledge saw an object 16 m long flying over his garage. The top part was bright, and there were two figures visible inside.

• USA, Louisiana, Chestnut: Mary Louise Tobin, a schoolteacher, was driving on State Highway 1 when she saw an object that she compared to the rising sun, in the vicinity of a smoking car. The driver, an elderly lady, came out with a child who seemed to have suffered burns. The unknown object went away: The disabled car did not catch on fire.

• USA, Louisiana, Provencal: Haskell Raper, Jr. , was driving home on a rainy night when he saw a large, lighted object on the road ahead, which he thought was a truck. Suddenly the object flashed a beam of light directly at the car, apparently exerting a strong pressure and slowing it to a stop 5 m away. The object was then described as oval, 5 m long, 3 m high, army green in color. It bore lettering beginning with the letters UN, followed by some numbers. A sort of heat wave filled the car, and the witness ran out in panic as the vehicle caught fire. The object rose with the sound of a diesel engine. Raper ran to the town, less than 2 km away; and reported the incident. The car, a 1956 Ford, was completely destroyed.

• USA, Maryland, Deerwood Nike Base: Report of a landing observed by missile men.

• USA, Minnesota, Baudette: A pilot saw a circular object flying against the wind. It was luminous, about 5. 5 min diameter, and flew so low that it appeared to suck up the snow.

• USA, Mississippi, Meridian: Truck driver Malvin Stevens, 48, was driving to Memphis when, about 23 km northwest of Meridian, he saw an object which appeared to have two propellers at either end and a third one on top. Getting out of his truck, he saw three little men about 1. 30 m tall, in gray clothes, with "pasty white faces" that seemed friendly and willing to talk, but he was unable to understand their "chattering. " "I stood there for what seemed like an eternity. " They got back into the machine and it took off straight up. There was no ignition interference. An 8 year old girl from Honse independently reported a round object crossing the sky toward the south.

• USA, Missouri, Lake City: A civilian driving his car home from work observed a hovering object 16 m long. His car engine died as he neared the object's position,and it started again only after the object's departure. (Atic). "Car engine died as an elongated object appeared hovering 50 feet above the ground. When the object left, everything returned to normal."

• USA, Nebraska, Scotia: A man heard a noise similar to that of a helicopter and perceived a "burning" odor. He saw a balloon-like, elongated object that came to ground level, did not touch the ground, but rose again and disappeared. The witness was "paralyzed" during the observation. The object appeared to have generated thick smoke.

• USA, Nevada, Tonopah: Four disk-shaped objects on the ground were observed for 20 min from a distance of 15 m. When the witness tried to come closer, they took off with an unbearable humming sound.

• USA, New Jersey, Drakestown: George Chowanski, an auto mechanic was alerted by the barking of his dog and heard a whirring sound similar to that of an electric shaver. A lighted object was observed by Chowanski and his wife as it came within 60 cm of the ground. Two figures came out of the bottom of the object, walked around a clearing, and one picked up something before returning to the craft, which then took off. Total duration: 2 min.

• USA, New Jersey, Everittstown: John Trasco saw a brilliant, egg-shaped object hovering in front of a barn and was confronted with a being 1 m tall with a putty-colored face and froglike eyes. He thought the dwarf said in broken English: "We are peaceful people; we only want your dog. " The little man, who was dressed in a green suit with shiny buttons, a green tam-o-shanter-like cap, and gloves with a shiny object at the tip of each finger, fled when the witness denied his request.

• USA, New Jersey, Point Pleasant: A boomerang-shaped object bigger than a house was reported to have landed. Grass flattened.

• USA, New Mexico, Santa Fe: J. Martinez and A. Gallegos saw an egg-shaped object coming toward them at low altitude. It moved slowly, illuminating their car and producing a humming sound. The car engine, the clock and a wristwatch stopped. The object shot away toward the southwest.

• USA, New Mexico, White Sands: At Stallion Site, an army patrol in a jeep saw an orange, "apparently controlled, " luminous object on the ground near the site of the first A-bomb explosion. It was first seen as a sun-like source 50 m above ground, descending to ground level after 3 min, and landing several km away at the northern end of the testing grounds. Two witnesses.

• USA, New York, New York City: In Van Cortland Park, Frank C. was talking with a bus driver when they saw in the park, about 400 m away, a metallic object -shaped like a disk, spinning with a soft whirring. On top was a fixed dome with portholes. The object was hovering at tree height. A yellow light from the craft suddenly illuminated the area, and it flew off "like a shooting star. "

• USA, New York, Schenectady: Mrs. Edward Yeager who lived in a trailer on the Duanesburg Church Road near Mariaville, saw a circular object go down behind the hill. Two min later it flew up again, very bright. The next day she was feeding animals that ran away as the same or a similar object came within 2 m of the ground. Two dark, little men came out of the craft and went into the woods. The object remained there two min, then left. A search for the occupants proved futile. A bus driver was said to have seen two craft land in a nearby field at the same hour.

• USA, New York, Sloanville: A cigar-shaped object 70 m long was observed less than 7 m above ground.

• USA, Ohio, Madison: Mrs. Leita Kuhn observed a very large, lighted object 20 m above ground. It was so brilliant that she had to close her eyes. It was over 10 m wide, 3 to 4 m thick, with a dome on top. The witness had to consult a physician several days later because of serious eye and skin irritation.

• USA, Oklahoma, Woodward: Between Woodward and Seiling, 12 km from the latter, an unknown flying object allegedly took complete control of a car with three passengers. The driver, an employee of an aircraft company, had turned the heater, windshield wiper, and radio on. He was nearing a hill in this wooded area when a bright light appeared ahead. It reminded the witness of the light from a mercury lamp. As a crash seemed imminent, the car slowed down by itself and stopped, as if the entire electrical circuit had failed. Over the vehicle was a disk 16 m in diameter with portholes around the periphery, emitting a current of hot air and a high-pitched sound. It had a dome on top and bottom. It rose as the car started by itself. The car was a 1954 Dodge Coronet without automatic transmission. The witness spent four hours with two Kirtland AFB officers who told him of similar observations. The case was never reported to Blue Book.

• USA, Oklahoma: On July 17, an RB-47 aircraft equipped with special electronic intelligence equipment was followed from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Oklahoma by a UFO that flew circles around the aircraft.

• USA, Ohio, Lake County: A civilian source reported an object so bright that his eyes could not sustain it. It appeared to land on a ridge, then took off again. It was round and much larger than a plane, had an "odd color, " left no trail and made no noise.

• USA, Ohio, Montville: Olden Moore, 28, a plasterer was driving home when he suddenly saw an object looking like a bright meteor split into two pieces, one of which went straight up. The other got larger while its color changed from bright white to blue-green. It hovered 60 m above a field and came to the ground with a soft whirring sound, 150 m away. After observing it for 15 min, Moore then walked to the object, which he found to be -shaped like "a covered dish" 15 m in diameter, 5 m high, with a cone on top about 3 m high, surrounded by haze or fog, pulsating slowly. Holes, footprints and radioactivity were found at the site by Civil Defense Director Kenneth Locke.

• USA, Pennsylvania, Milford: Frances Stichler, who lived on a farm, was working in her barn when she heard a whirring sound and saw a bowl-shaped object, 7 m in diameter, with a rim over 1 m wide about 5 m above ground. It stopped with one side tilted toward her. A man dressed in a loose, shiny, gray suit, wearing a tight fitting helmet, was facing her from inside the object. He seemed of average height had deep-set eyes, tanned skin, and a long face with a "quizzical" expression. Almost immediately the object left toward the southeast.

• USA, Tennessee, Knoxville: 12yearold Everett Clark saw a strange object on the ground and four occupants, two men and two women who spoke a language he thought was similar to German. They went back to the craft in a manner the witness could not understand, for he saw no door.

• USA, Texas, Boerne: A civilian source reported an oval object, about 5 m long, bright orange, similar to glowing coals, hovering 4 m above ground. The witness went to call his family; the object had vanished when he returned. Unidentified.

• USA, Texas, Canadian: 5 km west of this town, military and civilian witnesses reported a submarine-shaped object, red and white, two or three times as long as a car and about 3 m high, at ground level. A figure was seen near this object, also something compared to a white flag. When a car stopped in the vicinity, a flash of light from the object coincided with the sudden failure of the headlights.

• USA, Texas, Levelland: "A number of motorists and police officers in different localities encountered at close range a luminous egg-shaped object estimated at about 200 feet in length. Several reports confirmed that when the object passed at close range car engines and lights failed. One report described how two men driving a truck watched as the object came near. The lights and engine failed, then the object passed directly over the vehicle with a sound like thunder and a rush of wind. The truck rocked from the blast and a lot of heat was felt. Later there were reports of apparently the same luminous object on the ground and taking off in other areas near Levelland. Reports of vehicle interference followed a similar pattern, with engines and lights returning to normal on the departure of the object."

• USA, Texas, Levelland: Residents see several cigar-shaped UFOs.

• USA, Texas, Yellow Falls: Three hundred people were said to have seen three elongated objects with a series of portholes, maneuvering at ground level in an area with many empty oil wells. One of these objects, said to be 150 m long and 20 m high, pearl-colored, glistening under the setting sun and showing a series of circles painted on its surface, landed for 20 min. An occupant emerged, observed the abandoned derricks and took off again. Observed through binoculars, he appeared as a "monster, " 1 m tall, moving with strange jumps. He picked up something from the ground.

• USA, West Virginia, Holly: Hank Mollohan and eight other persons saw an elongated object, 12 m long, with several portholes from which fire and smoke appeared to be coming. It swung at low altitude and dropped to the ground. People seemed to be moving around it, but the witnesses were driven away by a hard rain.

• USA, Wisconsin, Ellsworth: Many cars stopped to observe a silent, reddish, glowing disk, about 15 m in diameter, which flew 6 m above the ground at about 80km/h. A small, windowless cabin was visible on the underside of the object.

• Venezuela, Uriman: Report of a landing and of "bellicose dwarfs. "

1957 Project Blue Book Unknowns

• Okinawa Sept. 20, 1957; Kadena AFB, Okinawa. 8 p.m. Witnesses: S/Sgt. H.T. O’Connor, S/Sgt. H.D. Bridgeman. One object, shaped like a coke bottle without the neck, translucent and fluorescent. Made four 5-10 second passes from north to south, with 4-5 minutes between passes.

• Italy, Milan 7:30 p.m. Witness: G.U. Donadio, translator for export-import firm. One object “big as a hen’s egg” flew very fast, zigzagged, hovered and revolved, then shot up after 17 minutes.

• Mexico Dec. 13, 1957; Col Anahuac, Mexico. 9:35 a.m. Witness: R.C. Cano. Fourteen-fifteen circular, tapered discs, very bright, flew in a formation like a stack of coins, then changed to an inverted-V formation. Sighting lasted 20 minutes.

• USA, Colorado Dec. 17, 1957; near Grand Junction, Colorado. 7:20 p.m. Witness: F.G. Hickman, 17. One round object changed from yellow to white to green to red; red tail was twice as long as the body. It stopped,

started, backed up for 45 minutes.

• USA, Colorado July 27 or 29, 1957; Longmont, Colorado. Early morning. Witness: J.L. Siverly. One thick disc, ice blue, with a top like honeycomb (interconnected hexagons), hovered and rocked below the hill tops for 10 minutes. Middle band was scalloped, bottom had four kidney-shaped forms.

• USA, Florida July 29, 1957; Oldsmar, Florida. 11:45 a.m. Witness: E.E. Henkins. One pale yellow fireball glided into the water and exploded. Viewed for 1 minute.

• USA, Georgia Nov. 26, 1957; Robins AFB, Georgia. 10:07 a.m. Witnesses: three control tower operators, one weather observer and four others. One silver, cigar-shaped object suddenly vanished after 8 minutes.

• USA, Louisiana Nov. 30, 1957; New Orleans, Louisiana. 2:11 p.m. Witnesses: three U.S. Coast Guardsmen. One round object turned white, then gold, then separated into three parts and turned red. Sighting lasted 20 minutes.

• USA, Louisiana April 25, 1957; Ringgold, Louisiana. Military witness Robertson. Case missing from official files.

• USA, New Mexico Nov. 6, 1957; Radium Springs, New Mexico. 10:50 p.m. Witnesses: one Las Cruces policeman, one Dona Ana County Deputy Sheriff. One round object—changing from red to green to blue to white— rose vertically from a mountain top. Sighting lasted 10 minutes.

• USA, New York Nov. 8, 1957; Merrick, Long Island, New York. l0:10 a.m. Witness: Mrs. L. Dinner. One bar-shaped object, 3.5’ long, giving off blue flashes, made a swishing sound. No further data.

• USA, Ohio July 29, 1957; Cleveland, Ohio. 10:31 p.m. Witnesses: Capital Airlines Capt. R.L. Stimley, First Officer F.J. Downing. One large, round, yellow-white object dimmed once, crossed the bow of the airliner, which then gave chase but was unable to catch it. Sighting last 8 minutes.


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