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Men In Black

The Men in Black
All things considered, UFO research has become pretty much of
a circus today, and the most intriguing and controversial sideshow
skirting the edges is the question of the "silencers," or the
mysterious "Men in Black." There is a strong subliminal appeal in
these accounts of visits by mysterious dark-suited figures (I have
been visited myself, as have others I've known) attempting to
silence UFO witnesses. A typical situation would be that a witness
has a UFO sighting or UFO-related experience. Shortly thereafter
he is visited by one or more "odd"-looking men who relate to him
the minutest details of his experience, even though he has as yet
told no one for fear of ridicule or other reasons.
The men warn him about spreading the story of his experience
around and sometimes even threaten him personally, sometimes
obliquely, sometimes directly. Any evidence, if it exists, is
confiscated in one way or another. Sometimes the visit is for some
totally meaningless reason and the subject of UFOs is hardly
mentioned, if at all. But again, the men all seem to look alike.
We actually seem to find ourselves in close proximity to
beings who obviously must be directly connected in some way with
the objects themselves or the source behind them, yet they seem to
be functioning unobtrusively within the framework of our own
everyday existence.
The classic conception of an MIB is a man of indefinite age,
medium height and dressed completely in black. He always has a
black hat and often a black turtleneck sweater. They present an
appearance often described as "strange" or "odd." They speak in a
dull monotone voice, "like a computer," and are dark-complected
with high cheekbones, thin lips, pointed chin, and eyes that are
mildly slanted.
The visitors themselves are often on absurd missions. They
have reportedly posed as salesmen, telephone repairmen or
representatives from official or unofficial organizations. Their
mode of transportation is usually large and expensive cars --
Buicks or Lincolns, sometimes Cadillacs, all black, of course.
I might note at this point that their physical appearance
also has included beings that have pale-greyish skin, and that
some of them have been seen to have blond hair, yet they wear the
clothing and drive the cars previously described.
Their cars often operate with the headlights off, but ghostly
purple or greenish glows illuminate the interior. Unusual insignia
have been seen emblazoned on the doors and the license plates are
always unidentifiable or untraceable.
The fabric of their clothes has been described as strangely
"shiny" or thin, but not silky -- almost as if they have been cut
from a new type of fabric.
Their often mechanical behavior has caused them to be
described by some as being like robots or androids (think back to
the Dulce lab).
A lot of descriptions of some of these "folks" are pretty
bizarre. A businessman's family in Wildwood, New Jersey, was
visited by an unusually large man whose pants legs hiked up when
he sat down, revealing a green wire grafted onto his skin and
running up his leg.
There are other cases of MIB appearing on the other side of a
wet, muddy field after a heavy rain, but having no mud whatever on
their brightly shined shoes and in the bitter cold, out of
nowhere, wearing only a thin coat. Their shoes and wallets all
seem new and hardly broken in.
They are not alone. They seem to have faceless conspirators
in the nation's post offices and phone companies. Researchers and
witnesses often report their mail going astray at an unusually
high rate and being bothered by bizarre phone calls where they are
spoken to by metallic, unhuman-sounding voices.
Unusual noises on the phone, intensifying whenever UFOs are
mentioned, and voices breaking in on conversations, have all led
many people to suspect that their phones are being tapped.
One can't discuss the MIB for long without mentioning the
name of John A. Keel, an author who has written much about them.
Keel has done more than any other writer to publicize this bizarre
aspect of the UFO situation. Keel suggests that the UFO are part
of the environment itself and come from another time-space
continua; that most of the UFO phenomena is psychic and
psychological rather than physical. Well, I personally would not
define it that way, although those two components are certainly
deeply involved in what's going on.
The first noted appearance of the MIB was in 1947, at the
scene of the Maury Island incident, where some debris was ejected
from a disk, and subsequently recovered by officials, who loaded
them on an Army bomber which crashed on takeoff.
To illustrate a little how bizarre some of the incidents are
regarding the MIB, I have assembled a short list of some of the
more interesting factors in some cases:
o An ex-Air Force man is gassed and interrogated by MIB
after he has learned classified NASA secrets.
o Closeup photos of UFOs were seized from a teenager
who is also directly threatened by MIB.
o MIB sighted in the lobby of the U.S. State Department
leave a mysterious artifact.
o MIB pose as Air Force officers to silence witnesses.
o MIB tries to buy before-hours Coke and sings to birds
in trees.
o MIB disintegrates a coin in a witness' hand and tells
him that his heart will do the same if he talks.
Throughout all this information, I have neglected to mention
some aspects of the psychology of the Greys. Dr. Paul Bennewitz,
in his original report to the government entitled "Project Beta,"
goes into some detail, which I will now discuss:
o The alien, either through evolvement or because the
humanoid types are "made," will exhibit tendencies
for bad logic. They appear to have more frailties
and weaknesses than the normal Homo Sapien.
o They are not to be trusted.
o Because of the aliens' apparent logic system, a key
decision cannot be made without higher clearance.
All are under control of what they call "The Keeper,"
yet it would appear that even this is not the final
authority. Delays as long as 12-15 hours can occur
for a decision.
o Because of this apparent control, individual
instantaneous decision-making by the alien is
limited. If the "plan" goes even slightly out of
balance or context, they become confused. Faced with
this, possibly, the humanoids would be the first to
o Psychologically their morale is near disintegration.
There is pronounced dissension in the ranks -- even
with the humanoids.
o Because of their own internal vulnerability mind-wise
to each other, there is a basic lack of trust between
o They appear to be totally death-oriented, and because
of this, absolutely death-fear oriented. This is a
psychological advantage.
o The prime, and weakest area discovered, probed and
tested is exactly what they have used, thinking it
their key strength -- that being the manipulation of
and control of the mind. Manipulated in reverse-
psychology they face a situation where they have a
vulnerable, integrated weakness.
o They totally respect force.
Grey Physiology and Anatomy
The approximate height of most specimens is between 3.5 and
4.5 feet. The head, by human standards, is large in comparison
with the body. Facial features show a pair of eyes described as
large, sunken or deeply set, far apart or distended more than the
human, and slightly slanted as Oriental or Mongoloid. No ear lobes
or apertures on the side of the head were seen. The nose is vague.
One or tow holes have been mentioned. The mouth area is described
as a small slit or fissure. In some cases there is no mouth at
all. It appears not to function as a means for communication or
for food. The neck area is described as being thin, in some
instances not being visible at all because of the tightly-knit
garment. Most observers describe these humanoids as being
hairless. Some of the bodies recovered have a slight hair-patch
atop the head. Others have what appears to be like a silver
skullcap. There were no breathing attachments or communications
devices. This suggests telepathy with higher intelligence. In one
instance there was an opening in the right frontal lobe area,
revealing a crystalline network. This network implies the
development of a third brain.
The arms are described as long and thin, reaching down to the
knee section. The hangers each contain four fingers, with no
thumbs. Three fingers are longer than the other. Some are very
long. Some are very long. Others are very short. No description is
available of the legs and feet. Some pathologists indicate that
that section of the body was not developed as we would anticipate,
showing that some of these beings were adapted to life in the
water. There was a webbing effect between the fingers on most of
the specimens.
According to most observers, the skin is grey. Some claim it
is beige, tan or pinkish-grey. No reproductive organs or
capabilities were discovered. No phallus. No womb. Confirms
cloning mentioned by other sources. The humanoids appear to be
from a mold, sharing identical racial and biological
characteristics. There is no blood as we know it, but there is a
fluid which is greyish in color.
The "Taxonomy of Extra-Terrestrial Humanoids," another
offering by George Andrews, yields some other observations:
o Working under the instructions of the humanoids
from Rigel (the Greys), CIA and former Nazi
scientists have developed and deployed malignant
strains of bacteria and viruses, including AIDS, in
order to exterminate undesirable elements of the
human population.
o The Greys are almost entirely devoid of emotions,
but can obtain a "high" by telepathically tuning in
the different kinds of intense human emotion, such
as ecstasy or agony. (Does that explain why UFOs
have always been seen in regions of war and human
o There are over 1,000 humans in the United States
alone who are the offspring of intergalactic or
extragalactic beings and terrestrial humans. (The
son of an acquaintance of [deleted in original]
is one.)
o Throughout recorded history, as well as during
prehistoric times, there has been constant genetic
manipulation of and interbreeding with humans in
order to breed out the less evolved simian traits.
The Nordic races have participated in this from the
beginning, and we are as much a part of them as we
might suppose.
o Greys have the ability to camouflage themselves as
tall Blonds through mental energy projection. Blonds
never project themselves as Greys. Some Blonds seen
with the Greys are physically real, but are
prisoners of the Greys who have either paralyzed
them or have destroyed their ability to teleport
through time and other dimensions. Note: A lot of
the material obtained by George Andrews has as its
source a Blond that is a time traveler that escaped
the Grey takeover of their system.
o Both Blonds and Greys have the ability to
disintegrate matter into energy and then
reintegrate the energy back into matter. This
ability allows them to pass through walls and to
transport abductees out of their cars with the
doors still locked.
o The original Rigelians were the Blonds until they
were invaded by the Greys, a parasitic race, who
took over and interbred with them. The original
Rigelians were the ones who seeded the earth. It
is because of this common ancestry that terrestrial
humanity is of such interest to both the Blonds and
the Greys.
o Terrestrial human females can be impregnated either
on board ship or while they sleep in their homes.
Males need not be manifested in visible form for
this to occur.
o The Blonds now habitate the Procyon system. The
conflict between the Blonds and the Greys is in a
state of temporary truce, although the conflict
between the Rigelian and the Sirius system is being
fought actively.
o The Blonds with speech abilities will respond
violently if attacked or threatened, but the
telepathic ones will respond peacefully.
o Blonds were sometimes mistaken for angels in
earlier centuries. They do not seem to age, and
consistently appear to be from 27 to 35 human years
Confused? Well, now you can see why the natural diversity of
the way things are are hard to sort out for the average
researcher. The probability that this information is true or
partially true remains fairly high, based on analysis of what we
know about abductions and general contact between humans and EBEs
that has been documented.
Real Esoterica -- Sirius and the MIB
Let's regress for a moment back to the MIB. According to John
Keel, the MIB often state that they are representatives of the
"Nation of the Third Eye."
Based on some of the info we have already researched, it is
apparent that Sirius has been in contact with us for a long time.
According to George Hunt Williamson (one of the early contactees)
in his book "Other Tongues, Other Flesh," the earth allies of
Sirius, i.e., the secret societies, use the Eye of Horus as an
insignia. This symbol has also been seen on the MIB. Secret
societies believe that there is a Great White Lodge on earth. They
call it Shamballa -- and consider it to be the spiritual center of
the world. Now, theosophists such as Alice Bailey say that the
Great White Lodge is on Sirius. If the All-Seeing-Eye is a symbol
of Sirius' earth-allies and the MIB wear that symbol, and if
Shamballa represents the Great White Lodge on earth -- then the
MIB are emissaries of Shamballa. Sirius and Shamballa are two
sides of the same coin. This is verified in the book "The
Undiscovered Country," by Stephen Jenkins. Jenkins was told by
Buddhist priests that Shamballa was located in the constellation
of Orion.
The entrance to Shamballa on earth is usually placed in the
trans-Himalayan region. Some assert it is in the heart of the Gobi
Desert (where there have been allegations of crashed disks and
bases). According to the explorer Nicholas Roerich, there are
caves in the Himalayan foothills that have subterranean passages.
In one of the these passages, there is a stone door that has never
been opened, because the time for its opening has not yet arrived.
In 1930, Doreal founded the Brotherhood of the White Temple. He
says that the entrance to Shamballa is far underground. He goes on
to say that space bends around Shamballa, and that there is a warp
which leads into another universe.
Let's get back to something we can have more of a direct
handle on. Many times psychics have been called upon by
investigative authorities to evaluate situations, and in many
cases what they have contributed has been very helpful.
This was done in the case of animal mutilations back in 1980
by Peter Jordan, who engaged several psychics to render their
impressions from photos and maps of mutilations and mutilation
areas. What follows is a condensation of what was found during
this exercise.
Name of Psychic: Ronald Mangravite
o This animal has been dead a few days.
o Some parts are decaying faster than others.
o There is an overload of electrolytes in the body
possibly due to injection of a citrate.
o Something wrong with blood. Picking up higher
portion of plasma which may be lymphatic fluid.
o Two men working on the animal. Very sharp surgical
o Men dressed in black. Jumpsuits. Shiny black nylon.
o Winch line coming down from chopper.
o Men are skilled ex-military.
o Something is going to be done with the tissue.
o Flurometry connection. Spectrophotometers.
o Choppers are brown or grey.
o Underground implications.
o Experimentation with different analytical techniques.
Name of Psychic: Elisabeth Lerner
o Paramilitary forces.
o A serious invasion of American privacy.
o Non-American Indians part of secret project.
o The word "Annide."
o The word "Carmine" or "Karmine."
o The symbol "dk."
o A new wave of mutilations will strike near southwest
New Mexico.
o The Hobart Company is involved in this.
(Refrigeration equipment?)
o Three huge, doughnut-shaped objects will be seen in
conjunction with these new mutilations.
o Breakthrough in research.
o Muscle relaxant injections.
o Someone with the name "Empeda."
o This is a Mexican operation.
o Names "Kielman" and "Kelman."
o Institution with many Lincoln Continentals and
o Laboratory underground.
o Lilly Pharmaceuticals.
o Roman numerals IVIII [sic].
o Name "Stephano."
o The number "1714."
o Last name "Audler."
o First name "Mase."
o Last name "Audli."
o Jet rocket labs nearby.
o Domes above the ground.
o Vehicle ID # MP 1936. Small jeeps.
o Last name "Plento."
o Initials "C.B.P." heads operation. Wears brown
military shoes. Army.
o Number "1161."
o Around an oil field.
o Place where oil crosses in an "X" pattern.
o Chemical engineering connections.
o Mustard.
o Periscope device on bottom of craft. Chopper called
"The Shark."
o Man with blond hair. English features. High forehead.
Wears square ring. Insignia reads "C.B.P." Has
something to do with ammunition. Colonel.
Name of Psychic: Nancy Fuchs
o Dusk scene. Men talking about some animal's throat.
Something missing.
o Cylindrical object.
o Long thick object inserted into jugular vein.
o Powerful energy flow emanating from device used to
kill cattle.
o Feeling of tremendous anger and hostility.
o Research implication. Minerals needed for research.
o Intimidation of rancher Gomez.
o Embryos.
o Thousands of samples needed for this breeding effect.
o Crossbreeding.
o Animal dies in seconds.
o Jolts of electricity through animal.
o Breeding and genetics involved.
o Army background.
o Liquid-filled shoes leave no prints.
o Marshall. Army. Cap with black rim and gold braid.
Pompous. White-haired. Very influential. Walks into
Pentagon whenever he pleases. Commission given 15-18
years ago for mutilation project when he was
overseas. Grand Marshall. Friend of General
MacArthur. Lives in Dakotas. Money invested. High-
priority issue. Tall. Heavyset. Only 17 people know
of this.
o Project with $2.5 million allocated early in game for
breeding experimentation. Late 1960s through
Pentagon. More and more money invested every year.
o Land wanted. Want to destroy ranchers prime source
of income.
o John Mitchell connected to this.
o Howard Hughes.
o Uranium connection.
o Picture complex. Faction-ridden.
o Interest in speeding up growth of cattle.
o Importance of pancreas.

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