Wednesday, July 25, 2007

UFO Disappears into Thin Air France 1954

Summary: A UFO case that is now over 50 years old still holds its own as one of the most bizarre events in Ufology. The incident occurred in Nouatre, Indre-et-Loire, France in 1954. This unusual encounter, though investigated, has never been explained by any natural or conventional means. The strange events began on an excavation site at 4:30 PM on September 30.

"Peculiar Drowsiness": The principal player in this most unusual event is one George Gatay, who was the foreman of an eight-man crew. While at work, he felt compelled to leave his post, feeling a "peculiar drowsiness." He can remember walking, but was not in control of where he was going, as if being led by some strange force. Suddenly, he was in sight of a being of some kind wearing a glass helmet with a visor, standing on the slope of a hill, some 30 feet distance from him.

Strange Looking Man: The being, clad in a gray coverall and short boots, held a type of instrument in his hand. Gatay thought it to be a weapon. The being's uniform had some type of display panel on it. Behind him was an object which was dome-shaped. It did not rest on the ground-there was several feet of space between it and ground contact. The object also had a cupola-like top with what looked like blades around it. Gatay was frozen where he stood.

Gatay's Own Words: Gatay stated: "Suddenly, the strange man vanished, and I couldn't explain how he did it, since he did not disappear from my field of vision by walking away, but vanished like an image one erases. Then I heard a strong whistling sound which drowned the noise of our excavators. Soon the object rose by successive jerks, in a vertical direction, and then it too was erased in a sort of blue haze, as if by a miracle."

"Yes--A flying saucer!" : Gatay was almost frightened to death by what he was observing. Trying to flee from the scene, he could not. Unknown to him at the time, his crew was also in a type of daze during their foreman's encounter. Although the working men were not believers in UFOs before the incident, they certainly would be afterward. Gatay, after being freed from his trance, ran to his crew, asking them if they had seen anything. One of the crewman Beurrois said: "Yes-A flying saucer!" Excavator driver Mr. Lubanovic stated, "There was a man dressed like a diver in front of it."

Medical Illness: The entire crew had witnessed the event, and agreed on the details of the encounter. Gatay, a soldier and man of reputation, began to suffer from sleeplessness, loss of appetite, and headaches after the sighting. After about a week, the symptoms subsided. None of the other crewmen had any medical problems, being much farther from the craft than Gatay.

Other Wordly Craft: Although the crewmen had been involved in a strange, bizarre event, at first, they all believed that they had seen a type of governmental experimental craft. Though possible, the fact that the object vanished into thin air would rule out any product of our planet. They also considered the possibility that the being was a robot, and not alien. Again, a possibility, but if this was true, what kind of power did the robots have to induce the men into a stupor for a period of time? This case is still unexplained.

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